About us


MarkitLend provides a gateway to a suite of professionally managed investments focused around one of the fastest growing areas of finance today – peer to peer lending. We created a truly international business by merging SymCredit, a growing European P2P lending platform with US based Software for Marketplace Lending (SMpL), which has a track record of success investing in US consumer loans.

Our mission is to provide investors not just investments, but also the tools, expertise and personal dedication it takes to make investments that generate returns. Our team of finance professionals has more than 20 years of experience and has worked at major international banks in corporate finance, portfolio management, investment analysis and trading.

An International MarkitPlace for Business Loans

Our MarkitPlace enables investors to earn attractive rates of interest lending direct to credit worthy businesses from the US and Europe. The loans are available in a range of currencies and tenors. Eligible borrowers must meet our credit standards. Interest rates available are determined by our proprietary credit scoring models. We invest in the loans on the platform along with our clients. Once the loan is issued we manage the loan for and on behalf of our investors. From the day the loan is originated to the day the loan is repaid MarkitLend is on the scene. Investors can either select loans themselves or let us build and manage their loan portfolio.