MarkitLend is an investment advisor focused on alternative assets and private debt.

The principals, Mr. Michael Sonenshine CFA and Mr. Fernando Sanchez, have over 40 years experience in finance, credit and investment management.

We’ve recently opened our doors to external investors.

  • Our currently offered private investment partnership, the US Consumer Finance Fund (USCF), utilizes proprietary and proven algorithms to acquire US Consumer loans originated mainly by Prosper and Lending Club. 
  • Our strategy has been consistently delivering an average annual 7.75% return and very low volatility of 0.3% for the past 6 years, through up and down economic cycles.
  • Investors can access our strategy via the Fund or by setting up a separate account.

See our Latest Fact Sheet and Fund Updates

MarkitLend’s USCF has been audited and received a clean opinion. Click here to see our audited reports.
  • USCF is highly diversified with more than 1,300 distinct loans, all with state purpose debt consolidation or credit card refinance.
  • The original terms of the loans range between 12 and 60 months.  The overall average duration is 2 years and 9 months.
  • All loans are fully amortizing so the fund receives principal and interest daily. Investors can opt to take monthly distributions or reinvest for long term growth.
  • Our fund is open to accredited and institutional investors.
Our registration information, with all appropriate regulatory agencies is available and some of the registries can be seen above.